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Surfing and Yoga! Two great activities that complement each other quite well are now in a one day long mini-camp. Be adventurous and transform yourself during a morning long retreat with the New York Surf School's Yoga and Surfing Program. Our intention is to rejuvenate and to empower the mind, body and spirit through surfing, yoga and the casual Rockaway laidback way. Our retreats draw inspiration from the slower Rockaway Beach lifestyle This spirit is infused into every aspect of our retreats. New York Surf School's Yoga and Surfing Program is about giving you a new experience and perhaps a new outlook on life.
Rockaway Beach Yoga and Surf  is a socially minded adventure company dedicated to bringing the power of yoga and surfing to people and empowering them to live in the moment. Surf explorer/Certified Surfing Instructor Frank Cullen and Yoginis Adrian Gordon joined forces to form Rockaway Beach Surfing and Yoga Day Retreats to bring the healing benefits of yoga and surfing to the New York City community
Rockaway Beach Surfing and Yoga Retreats Schedule: All Retreats are 10am-2:30pm
Why not get out of the City without leaving the City!!?? Rockaway Beach is about a 55 minute subway ride from Lower Manhattan. We are right at the Beach 67th Street Subway stop of the Rockaway A train. We have seven miles of open ocean beach that is right in your backyard! It's amazing that with just a metrocard swipe or a zip car rental, you can be at a beautiful ocean beach that rivals any beach on the eastern seaboard.
Description: For 6 Saturday mornings cultivate your surfing and yoga skills with Rockaway Beach Surf and Yoga Day Retreats. Certified Surfing Instructor Frank Cullen and Yoginis Adrian Gordon have teamed up. Together they will help you explore the art of wave riding and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit  with a vinyasa yoga class. Our camp draws its inspiration from  beautiful Rockaway Beach and the amazing local vibe. It is about giving yourself a fun, adventurous, and challenging experience locally this summer. It will re-energize you and bring joy to your weekends here in New York City.

All day surf and yoga retreats are $159.00, all inclusive. Two hour Surfing lesson, board, wetsuit, hot showers at surf shop, Yoga Class all included. Order of program, (at what point in the retreat do the Surfing Lesson take place) is based on the tide, swell etc... We want to tap into what the ocean has to offer at the most opportune time, which will change from week to week. When our Surf Instructors say "Surfs Up!!" it's time for the Surfing Lesson portion of the program to start!!
From Your Yoga Instructor, Adrian Gordon:
Yoga for Surfing?
Our “surf yoga” is an energetic practice designed to complement and enhance your experience on the board. A vinyasa-based “moving meditation” links naturally to the fluid concentration that lets a surfer find alignment with the energy of the waves. In the yoga & surf program, we integrate the two practices for a holistic experience. Warming “sun salutations” link the breath with motion as the gaze comes to settle on the rise and fall of the sea. Energizing sequences focus on opening the chest, freeing the shoulders, activating legs and feet, and

strengthening the back and postural muscles to prepare the body for the demands of surfing. Toning the lower abdominals guarantees a faster pop-up on the board. Balancing poses in the sand are a playful challenge for both beginning and advanced practitioners. The tiniest muscles awaken to find greater equilibrium while the mind learns steadiness in a shifting environment. After an invigorating session in the water, we will return to the “mat” to counterpose the surfing. A warm-down session helps to relax the nervous system and release hardworking muscles, so you can bask in the whole-body high that comes from a beautiful day in the waves.
"Some prior experience with yoga is preferred, but not required. Get in touch with us at and let us know if you are new to yoga. We will help you modify to meet your needs!"
Remember, we are in the sand, BYOM! (Bring Your Own Mat), or a big beach towel if you prefer.
We will bring plenty of water down with us, remember you will be with us
from 10-2:30pm, bring lunch

All Day Surfing And Yoga Retreat Just $159.00!! Check Discount Pricing Below For Multiple Retreats!!
Rockaway Beach Surf and Yoga Day Retreats is dedicated to helping people find wellness and balance through the sacred practice of yoga. We believe that yoga is the perfect complement to surfing, both physically and spiritually.  So we have combined yoga with surfing to nurture the mind, body and spirit to create a more whole person and athlete. Yoga is the perfect cross training activity for surfing. When we do our beginner Surf Lessons, our students who practice yoga have quite an advantage!!
       Surfing And Yoga Retreat Pricing

        Two-Pack of Retreats $249.00
       Four-Pack of Retreats $459.00
        Six-Pack of Retreats $599.00

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